Sexy Bride, You: From Engagement to Wedding Day

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Being a sexy bride does not start on the wedding day. From the time you say ‘yes’ and put on that ring, all eyes are on you. Yeah, wedding planning can be taxing, but that does not excuse you from looking your best at all your pre-wedding events. With a little bit of lipstick and mascara, you can transform into a sexy bride at some of these traditional and non-traditional wedding celebrations.

Engagement Party.  Whether you announce your engagement to 6 of your closest friends or half your family, it’s still a party.  This is where you show off your engagement ring and beam from ear to ear. This may also be a perfect opportunity to take engagement photos – so being a sexy bride is a must.

Sexy Bride Makeup Tip #1 – Your wedding ring is the center of attention here. Flawless foundation and some false eyelashes is really all you need here to make a statement without being over the top.

The Wedding Dress Fitting.  Otherwise known as the Big Reveal, this is the day that bridesmaids or your mom see you in your chosen wedding dress. While this may not be a traditional major wedding event or cause for booze, it’s still another chance for your close people to bond with, you, the sexy bride.


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Sexy Bride Makeup Tip #2 – Your goal is to look good but limit the chance of ruining your dress. Light foundation, arched eyebrows, and clear lip gloss would give off a dreamy illusion and compliment the sparkle in your dress.

Bridal Shower. About 2 to 4 weeks before the wedding, bridal showers and bachelorette parties are scheduled. Needless to say, it’s time to celebrate you – not the dress, not the groom, not the ring. Just you – the sexy bride. While everyone is thinking about which gifts to buy or how to entertain you, your thoughts should be on looking hot!

Sexy Bride Makeup Tip #3 – This is by far the one opportunity to have fun and try a completely new makeup look from your favorite celebrity. If you want cat eyes like Nicki Minaj or dark lips like Jennifer Lopez, go to a professional makeup artist and make it happen.

Rehearsal Dinner.  Okay, so it’s the night before the wedding, and the entire wedding party is gathered to practice their walk down the aisle. Indeed, this is an early celebration of the bride and groom. This is also your chance to be the center of attention with your most intimate supporters and give them a preview of your gorgeous look.

Sexy Bride Makeup Tip #4 – It’s all about sparkle and glam – from your eye shadow to your foundation. If done right, you would look like you jumped out of a crystal ball, without looking tacky.


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Wedding Day.  This is by far the biggest day of your life, where pictures are taken and memories are made. And you have one chance to make sure you look right. A professional makeup artist is worth the investment when you think of how many times you’ll look back at your wedding pictures in the course of a lifetime, and think “Damn, I looked good.”

Sexy Bride Makeup Tip #5 – If you plan well, you would have already had a makeup trial with a pro wedding makeup artist and already know what you are going to look like. However, if you sweat excessively or expect to cry, you want to ensure you are wearing water-proof makeup.

The Day After. Again, not so traditional, but a Farewell Breakfast for newlyweds, are becoming more common. For a destination wedding, the couple would thank a handful of folks for flying out to see them exchange vows. For a local wedding, the couple would be seen and celebrated once more before they head out on their honeymoon. As tired as you may feel, you don’t want to look like the bride that got hit by a truck at 70 miles per hour. But your makeup artist is long gone, so what do you do?

Sexy Bride Makeup Tip #6 – Pull out your MAC Cosmetics press powder and brush it across your face at amazing speeds, then head over to the grand breakfast that awaits you. Your already-arched eyebrows and exuberant smile would exude the ultimate sexy bride glow.

To be honest, a wedding makeup artist is definitely the easiest way to guarantee you are always the sexiest at each and every wedding event. However, if that is not in the budget, these quick makeup tips would keep you looking hot and feeling confident on the days that matter the most.

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