DIY Makeup Tips for the Oily Face Bride


Nobody dreams of having their makeup run off their oily face on their wedding day! However, girls with combination or oily skin know their makeup can go to the hills in a blink of an eye. After a few hours of posing and dancing, hours of makeup can be gone in a minute! We wouldn’t ever want that to happen to you, so we have gathered the 5 best survival makeup tips for the oily face bride. These will help you combat your oily face problems so you can focus on other things, like your new husband!

Keep Oil Sheets Handy

You don’t want to retouch your makeup every minute of your wedding day, but for specific camera moments, oil sheets or blotting papers are a must. These oil sheets should be kept in your vanity pouch for emergency. Whenever you feel that shine creeping in on your face, you can easily pull out a sheet and gently dab your face. Oil sheets help absorb all the excess oil on the surface without affecting your makeup, plus you will look refreshed in an instant. Oil sheets are a great help for achieving that matte look again, and keeping you fabulous in and out of photos for sure!


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Forego the Hair Oils

These are a strict no. If you have an oily face, you should not use hair oil on your wedding day (or even 2 days prior to your wedding day.) This is because the oil will trickle down your forehead, or be absorbed in the pores under your face surface, worsening your oily face problem. Trust – if you do not cutoff hair oils a few days before your wedding day, it will be extremely difficult to control the shine on your face and hair. Furthermore, oils will make you hot and uncomfortable, adding to your troubles.

Bring on the Primer

So let’s just say for fun you are doing your own makeup for your wedding, do not forget to start off with primer. This is a basic step in your makeup transformation that should not be missed.. Primers help the makeup to stick to your face naturally and prolong its life. They also prevent the makeup from melting or dissolving, even if you get hot. This makes primer your new beauty secret weapon, giving you great advantage on your wedding day, and any day for that matter.


Stock up on Water-based Lotions

You probably don’t even realize how many oil-based lotions you possess right now. But if you are an oily face bride, do yourself a favor and get a water-based face lotion for your wedding day. Usually, these lotions have water as the first ingredient. These lotions get absorbed into the skin easily, preventing your skin from being clogged with oil and dirt quickly. They also help balance out the texture of your skin making it close to neutral. Just remember AOL – Avoid Oil-based Lotions – at all cost. Because, honey, don’t matter how much setting spray or loose foundation powder is on your face, your shine will push through and aint nothing pretty about that.

Drink Loads of Water

This may seem like a no-brainer but the beautiful, flawless skin starts with hydration. The more water you drink, the better your circulation will be and the less oil your skin will produce. A dry environment within the body promotes the release of oils taking you back to your original oily face problem. Furthermore, hydration also helps promote fluidity in the skin, which is a great way to have that flawless skin on your special day.

With these makeup tips, you can cross an oily face off your list of wedding day worries.

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