Why Most Brides Would Never Be Good at DIY Bridal Makeup

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Let’s face it! DIY Bridal Makeup is not ideal. However, with the average wedding cost increasing each year, most brides try to budget by having their bestie do their makeup, or worse, do it themselves. While this may seem like a logical decision, here are a few reasons why most brides would never be good at DIY bridal makeup.

“It’s just too complex.”

Applying makeup requires skill. Period. A full face makeup application requires time, patience, and a whole lot of practice. The wedding day is simply not the time to experiment with DIY bridal makeup. Before taking on a huge challenge as doing wedding makeup one’s self, a solid understanding of color matching, shading, contouring, highlighting, makeup bases, color theory, bone structure, and even skin conditions, is very necessary. Brides may think they know who they want to look like, but then completely miss the mark when they actually try to execute it.

diy bridal makeup - Face Candy Studio

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“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Need I say more? While most brides have a maid of honor, a friend who wishes she was the maid of honor, a mom, and a wedding planner to help deflect any wedding day issues, brides still end up being the point-of-contact for all that can possibly go wrong. Who has the time to sit down and apply a beatface makeup application, while still putting out fires on their wedding day? In addition, the wedding makeup appointment is the brides’ time to sit, relax, and do nothing besides being pampered.

Yes girl, let your professional makeup artist pamper you for an hour, so you can feel extra beautiful, and get on with your special day.

“Afraid of makeup? Boo!”

Sad to say, but, makeup gets a bad reputation. Some women think makeup should only be worn for special occasions, or that any makeup at all is just too much makeup. I beg to differ. Every day is special, so pull out your favorite foundation, and slap on the glossiest lip gloss.

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But, nope. Some women allow those negative makeup views to creep in, and encourage them to pursue a “barely there” makeup look. So they put on hardly any eyeshadow, barely there foundation and a lip gloss with maybe a hint of color. That just won’t cut it on your wedding day. And this is why DIY bridal makeup sucks!

Plus, when the photographer takes photos, brides would appear to have no makeup on, and look ghostly, tired, and sad. They would seem to look like mere guests, instead like brides. A professional makeup artist can translate your desire for a barely there makeup look through a traditional or airbrush makeup application, and still make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.


Ladies, remember that your wedding day is your special day to step out and turn heads without any apologies. After picking out the perfect dress why would you skimp on your wedding makeup? Do not leave something as important as your bridal makeup for a DIY job. Hire a professional wedding makeup artist, like the ones at Face Candy Studio, to give you that flawless look that you can admire for years after your wedding day.

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