Why Ignoring a Wedding Makeup Budget Will Cost you Pain and Money

Wedding Makeup Budget - Face Candy Studio

Ladies, we all know a dream wedding could tug at your purse. With expenses ranging in the thousands, most of us would simply cut out the wedding makeup budget, but doing so would be unwise, and could result in a disastrous wedding day. I could probably think of a million reasons why sawing off your left arm is better than scrapping your wedding makeup budget, but I’ll only list the top four.

  1. Crappy Pics

Cameras are going to catch you at all angles on your wedding day. Chances are, if you don’t have fabulous makeup on, most of these pictures would turn out to be downright crappy. In some pictures, you would appear greasy, oily, pimple-licious, old, sad, or tired – not to mention all the other horrific things you won’t ever want to look at after the wedding.

Seriously, your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You need to make sure that you look so good that your pictures (and everyone else’s pictures of you) look good! A carefully, crafted wedding makeup budget would prevent you from spending loads of money on a graphic designer later on to touchup a bunch of unsightly photos.

Wedding Makeup Budget - Face Candy Studio

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  1. Outdone by the Bridesmaids

Every girl has a friend who either wears makeup every day, or a friend who has eccentric makeup taste (like blue eyeliner, or black lipstick “eccentric”.) Chances are one of those girls may end up in your bridal party. And you sure as hell don’t want to be the bride with the “plain Jane” face”, next to the ever-so-glamorous, or super gothic, or carnival-ready bridesmaid.

A moderate wedding makeup budget would ensure a makeup professional manages the complete finished makeup looks of the entire bridal party. He or she would also prevent you from having that uncomfortable conversation with your renegade bridesmaid. Like ‘Girl, what are you thinking? Take that blue lipstick off!”

  1. You Don’t Feel Your Best

Listen. It is a proven fact that when you look good, you feel good, and this rule applies, especially to your wedding day. Makeup is a critical component to making any woman feel like a princess. Hair and nails are tied at number 2. But nevertheless, your face is the doorway to your heart and the safeguard to your true emotions. So, if you look like sh*t, you are going to feel like sh*t, and sh*t is going to be written all over your face.


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For that euphoric feeling of the most magical day of your life, you need to look your best – and for that, you need to maintain a wedding makeup budget!

  1. Last Minute Bookings: Inexperienced Artists

If you don’t carve out a wedding makeup budget ahead of time, you are going to let a lot of time pass. And in that time, the experienced wedding makeup artists would always become very busy. Often they would be pre-booked because they know how to get the perfect look 99% of the time. However, when you ask for a bridal makeup appointment at short notice, the experienced artists would simply refuse because they would be maxed out and not have the time to manage a last minute appointment.

So, what happens? You get an inexperienced beautician who may or may not do your makeup right. And this would definitely suck, because you probably would be just as unsatisfied as if you haven’t done your makeup professionally at all. I use the word “professionally” loose here.


Look, to avoid all these problems and unnecessary headaches, do your research early. Ask questions, and develop a wedding makeup budget that makes you feel comfortable. If you need to cut costs, slim down on the decorations because, honey, you are the star of the evening. You need to look like it. So, uhh, remember that comment earlier about sawing off your left arm? Not so much a great idea, but you get the point: Don’t compromise your looks at any cost!

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