Where to Find a Good Carnival Makeup Pro

Good Carnival Makeup Artist

First of all, you can stop right now. You already found a good carnival makeup pro, right here at Face Candy Studio. Of course, I would love to believe that, and hope you believe it too. But if you are one of many with a dream costume, kick-ass carnival boots, and still no makeup artist, read on.


TIP 1: Google It

Like with anything in life, search for “Miami carnival makeup pro” on Google to see what comes up. You might just get lucky with the first website result. A determined carnival masquerader would click through at least the first 2 pages of search results to see if these carnival makeup pro websites provide the contact and pricing information you need to make an informed decision. Obviously, if you are participating in a carnival outside of Miami, you would swap “Miami” search term with the specific city or country the carnival is in. Trust me, Google is your friend. 


search for a good carnival makeup pro

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TIP 2: Get on Social Media

If you’re not on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, you probably would not be able to find a carnival makeup pro as fast as the next gal. These social media sites give you the best opportunity to see a mini portfolio of his or her recent work. Plus, you can see what he or she has been up to. Sometimes it makes a big difference if a makeup artist dibbles and dabbles in fantasy makeup versus one who does it once a year.


TIP 3: Go to Fetes

Before you get yourself that second drink, look around. Do you see any girl who has pretty makeup on? If so, approach her and ask if she does makeup on the side. Granted, this may not be someone who does makeup in the city you are travelling to. However, she just may be able to refer you to a carnival makeup pro in another city. The makeup industry is small. We all know each other, or of each other.

carnival makeup pro do caribana

TIP 4: Ask Around

Your friends who are travelling with you to carnival, the mas band you’re in, the soca dj, and online forums on Caribbean websites, are all good resources to get first-hand information. These people may have used a carnival makeup artist before or know of a successful makeup pro, by name. Save yourself some time and tap into this wealth of knowledge that’s right in front of you.


TIP 5: Discover Carnival Party Websites

There are hundreds of them that you probably are familiar with already. TriniJungleJuice, CarnivalInfo, BajanTube, IslandMix, – the list goes on. While you are searching for parties to go to, you’d be surprised to find articles, reviews, or ads about makeup artists. Granted, celebrity makeup artists may be a stretch for your budget, and frankly out of your reach. But if you stumble upon a carnival makeup pro in the sea of party flyers and blogs, it’s worth a shot.


If you go through these 5 tips and you still don’t find a suitable carnival makeup pro, go back to tip 1 and repeat. The last thing you want is to have an ultra-sexy carnival costume with whack makeup and hair.

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