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Face Candy Studio Loyalty Discount


Here’s How the 50% Loyalty Discount Works

  1. If you want a party, prom, or birthday makeup appointment, go to the Book an Appointment Page and enter “LOYALTY DISCOUNT” in the empty box next to PROMO.
  2. Double-check your form before submitting because this discount can not be applied to wedding makeup appointments.
  3. Our team will confirm your eligibility, and that your Loyalty Discount has been granted.
  4. If you want a carnival makeup appointment, simply go to the Carnival Makeup Page and click on the appropriate button to proceed with booking your appointment online.
  5. Then go to the Book an Appointment Page and enter “LOYALTY DISCOUNT” in the empty box next to PROMO. 
  6. Message the team to ensure you can use the Loyalty Discount.
  7. Once again, our team will respond and confirm that your Loyalty Discount has been granted.

SPECIAL NOTE: In most cases, our team would inform you of your Loyalty Discount eligibility even before you ask. But just in case….. follow the steps above. 🙂

Who Can Use the 50% Loyalty Discount?

You must meet all of these conditions:

  • This is your 3rd, 6th,9th, 12th, or 15th appointment with Face Candy Studio.
  • Your name is listed in our records as a past customer. If your friend paid for your appointment, the first time and didn’t list your name, we have no record of you.
  • You are requesting makeup services for any event other than a wedding.
  • You can live anywhere in the world – as long as a Face Candy Studio makeup artist is doing your makeup, you qualify to receive this exciting discount.
  • You can use this discount by itself, and not in combination with any other discounts.

See if you qualify for the loyalty discount

Face Candy Studio Loyalty Discount

When Does the Loyalty Discount Promotion Ends?

It doesn’t. As long as Face Candy Studio is in business, this Loyalty Discount is valid.

And as long as you keep coming back, we will stay in business. (wink, wink!)

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