Carnival Veterans

Exclusive carnival makeup by experienced artists

Looking to add the final touch to your carnival experience with some drop-dead gorgeous makeup? We can make your vision come true without the pain and stress normally associated with other carnival vendors. As experienced Caribbean makeup artists, who also plays mas in Trinidad every year, we offer airbrush application that includes, a hybrid of bright colors, shiny gemstones, contoured makeup, perfect foundation blends and full exotic eyelashes. Once you step in, the vibes would be just right, to keep your mind at ease, and maintain the soca vibes. ‘Cause like Machel say “the vibes can’t done”.

Exclusive makeup design

  • High quality creations – we don’t cut corners
  • Quality products using environmentally friendly, when possible
  • Organized system where your wait time is nonexistent
  • All work is guaranteed with prompt response to any issues
  • The lead makeup artist, oversees every creation to ensure quality standards

Caribbean Dream look from Make Up Store.

“Creating a makeup look that you are proud of is what it’s all about. We specialize in creating bright, show-stopping makeup looks in various Caribbean carnivals in America, Canada,  Trinidad, and the Caribbean.”

Reliable and experienced makeup artists

To hear about our airbrush services, contact us today. You won’t be disappointed.