Carnival Newbies

The benefits of a makeup artist

  • We don’t just do makeup, we create art
  • Custom-design services
  • Trust and confidence
  • Clean products and special facial care

Getting your makeup done by a makeup artist

We understand that getting your makeup done by someone else can be nerve-wrecking. When you get your makeup done with us, you control everything from the overall design to the colors and much more.

Most important you control the price – what you pay for is what you get. We would never increase prices on you, unless you have a change of heart and want the full red-carpet-ready, airbrushed finish.


Let your imagination lead you to the kind of makeup look you want

There are so many girls on the road with beautiful, sexy makeup, and you want to look like them – but better. We can you bring you through the process…

From imagining → Through the design phase → Then do the quality work that you expect → Plus, add all the special touches that you want → Until your makeup is complete and you’re ready for the road!


Reliable and experienced makeup artists

To hear about our airbrush services, contact us today.