Find Your Perfect Carnival Makeup Artist

Find a makeup artist

Dream costume: check. Kickass carnival boots: check. Here comes the hard part: finding the right makeup artist to make sure your look is as polished and well put together as your hair and nails.

So where do you start when it comes down to choosing carnival makeup for your big day? Follow our guide to getting your best makeup look for the biggest day of your adult life (okay maybe your second biggest day.)

Step 1: Determine your budget and how many of your friends are interested in professional makeup. 

Sometimes bulk appointments can lead to special deals and perks.

Step 2: Research your options.

When choosing any carnival makeup artist, google them first. Even if a person or company was referred by a friend, go directly to the Internet and check out their website as well as online reviews. Sites like IslandMix, TriniJungleJuice, and TriniScene are great resources for finding reviews and endorsements for potential vendors.

After you’ve done your homework and decided on your top choices, email the makeup artist and time the response. A good makeup company will respond to your email and/or telephone inquiry within 24 to 48 hours of receiving it.

Step 3: Start a conversation

A conversation is more important than most masqueraders think. This is your chance to ask questions to make sure they’re the right fit for you and your crew.

Note: Whether the conversation is through email or over the phone, take a good look at their portfolio. Ask yourself: Does it sound like they can cover a wide range of skin types and tones? Do their images look neat, clean, and excellent? If not, let this be a red flag.

Did they listen to your needs and wants for your look? The job of the makeup artist is to take all your wants and tailor a look that’s perfect for you.

Step 4: Confirm your booking immediately, once you’ve found your makeup artist

Now that you’ve found your perfect glam squad, all is well in the land of carnival planning. When booking your appointment the date and time frame, the location that the makeup artists will take care of you, cost of services, and refund policy (if applicable). Make sure the company you contacted would be the same one providing services on the actual carnival day as well.

Step 5: Show up on time to your makeup appointment 

You don’t want to arrive late to your appointment because then others could cut ahead of you, and really, all this translates to you spending a couple of hours looking for your band on the road! Not a good way to start (or end your carnival experience!)


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