6 Essentials for your Carnival Beauty Emergency Kit



Your costume and headpiece is everything. But so is your hair and makeup. Any carnival veteran will tell you that creating the exotic, glamorous face that will undoubtedly have other girls staring in amazement and guys smiling and checking you out, takes time and plenty of preparation. Take a look the products that always get the job done!

1. NUDE LIP GLOSS: Face it. Your lips are working overtime on the road – kissing and greeting friends, drinking glass after glass of your favorite premium drink, singing along to all your favorite songs. A neutral lip gloss would keep your lips shiny, and blend well with any pretty shade of lip color previously applied.

2. HD FOUNDATION: Yes. HD Foundation is all the hype. It covers a multitude of sins and looks flawless on camera.

3. BLOTTING PAPER: These small, highly absorbent sheets save the day for oilier masqueraders.  When you’re jumping up in the hot sun from 7am, it’s important to have these on hand all day.

4. TRANSLUCENT POWDER: This is exactly how it sounds – light and clear. This powder is not intended to cover up imperfections, but rather give a fresh appearance. You want to pick a powder that’s light and neutral enough to not mess up your costume.

5. WATER-PROOF MASCARA: So what are the odds that rain fall? Or your face is dripping of sweat? Or one of the musicians or DJs decides to throw water into the crowd? Your water-proof mascara would help you be prepared for the expected and unexpected, making those lashes pop at all times. For most, tears are inevitable at your wedding, but those lashes still need to pop. Do your part and avoid raccoon eyes.

6. WATER- PROOF LIQUID EYELINER: No brainer, right? Liquid liner has great staying power and it’s smudge-free.
Make sure you’re prepared on the road!

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