Trinidad Carnival 2018


Experience Trinidad Carnival Makeup 2018

Come for the makeup and stay for the experience. Whether you are playing mas with Tribe, Paparazzi, Ronnie and Caro, or Yuma, your face will look extra hot, sexy, and tempting on both Carnival Monday and Tuesday. With bright eye shadow and winged eyeliner, you will have camera men chasing you up and down your band. Take a look at our global makeup team – the lovely makeup artists who would be giving you ultra luxe carnival makeup in 2018.


Ultra Luxe Carnival Makeup on Carnival Tuesday

Your makeup team would be located in Port of Spain, just a few minutes from the Savannah. You can walk to the Savannah, but why walk in the hot sun, when you can drive in a/c? Here’s what you can expect:

NO B.S. 3-hour wait for exotic makeup.  If you are there longer than 75 minutes, you get 25% of your money back.

Airbrush makeup – it feels lighter and lasts longer.

A personal driver to pick you up too.

Are you a VIP, Diva, or a Queen?

Girl, don’t wait! Gather up your squad and book your Trinidad Carnival Tuesday Appointment Now. Have a group of 5 or more?

Inquire within for a group discount.



Exotic Carnival Monday Details

On Carnival Monday, your face would be adorned with creative exotic makeup designs and silver crystals. Get that extra sparkle around your eye or down your cheek with smooth, blended foundation coverage. Book Monday Makeup here.


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