7 Lessons Learned From Dealing With Over 1,200 Carnival Girls

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We’ve seen it all! From the bacchanal grannies and die-hard soca junkies to the top-notch carnival girls – every type of female has passed through Face Candy Studio for carnival makeup. After providing carnival makeup to hundreds of masqueraders in several different cities over the last few years, we can always spot top-notch carnival girls because they always seem to make their presence known – even in their silence. Not to be confused with the average backline masquerader, these carnival girls frequent multiple Caribbean carnivals throughout the year and have a deeper appreciation to the cliché ‘quality over quantity’. They don’t go to every fete, but when they step out, they draw attention with their smile, their poise, and their looks.  And you best as believe that before they hit the road on carnival day, they have one mission in mind: To get flawless carnival makeup.

Lesson 1: Carnival Girls Roll Solo

No, top-notch carnival girls don’t jump up by themselves in the mas band. That would be ludicrous and dangerous. However, these carnival girls would not hesitate to tell their girlfriends, “I’ll meet you on the road” and go alone to their carnival makeup appointments. Beauty before booze – and carnival makeup is definitely a worthy investment for this group of girls.



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Lesson 2: Carnival Girls Value Time

With the all the excitement of endless carnival fetes, some customers have missed their makeup appointments entirely.  Maybe they were too tired to wake up or too drunk to care. However, top-notch carnival girls, not only show up on time but, they tend to avoid the crowds and book early or late carnival makeup appointments. This actually works out best for us because we can truly take our time to create a stunning makeup look that is uniquely theirs, and fit for a diva.

Lesson 3: Carnival Girls Have Sexy Eyebrows

There’s no secret here. We cringe when carnival newbies show up with bushy eyebrows and expect our makeup brushes to miraculously camouflage the hair on their faces. Top-notch carnival girls, however, know how much their eyebrows define their overall makeup look so their eyebrows are always threaded or waxed to perfection prior to coming in for their makeup appointment. Obviously, this makes our jobs as makeup artists a whole lot easier and helps us to move faster. So side note, if you see a girl taking longer in our chairs than normal, check out her eyebrows, and you’ll see why.



Lesson 4: Carnival Girls Are Bold

There’s always that one customer that do not want foundation or eyelashes. But Why? Carnival is the time to ‘Go Bold or Go Home’. Top-notch carnival girls understand that. The glitter, the lashes, and the glam, are always at the top of these girls’ carnival makeup makeover wish lists because they want their makeup to pop! And that’s what we do best.

Lesson 5: Carnival Girls Want Less Bling

Surprisingly enough, while these carnival girls tend to gravitate to the bright lip colors and the vibrant eyelashes, they also seem to want simple face rhinestone designs. Maybe they would opt for a row of face gems over one eye or a small design on one cheek. It’s absolutely amazing to see this value hold true for different carnival girls in different cities across the globe. Sometimes ‘less really is more.’

Lesson 6: Carnival Girls Are Less Tensed

Oh my goodness – the pressure is real! For carnival newbies, they start to panic when the time draws near to when the carnival bands start pulling off (which is mainly because they booked a late appointment – but I digress), and they are still in our makeup chairs. Likewise, our makeup artists start feeling the pressure of dragon ball-z eye stares down their neck while trying to complete hot carnival makeup looks in a fraction of the time. That kind of adrenaline rush is unreal! Carnival girls, however, are cool, calm, and collective. They are less stressed about the logistics because in their head – the party don’t start ‘til they reach….. and we can live with that. It sure helps us breathe better.

Lesson 7: Carnival Girls Are Expressive

So like any other customer, these carnival girls don’t normally know which type of design they want. They plop down on a makeup chair, close their eyes, and say ‘do whatever’ – which is usually reassuring to us. But when they open their eyes and they don’t like the ‘whatever’ design that we created on their faces, they would not hesitate to let you know.

In the end, top-notch carnival girls don’t always know what they want but they almost always know what they don’t want, and this all becomes, nerve-wrecking, challenging, and rewarding, all at the same damn time. On to the next carnival…

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