Face Candy Studio is carnival makeup service

for girls who want to look freakin’ hot


Do you want sexy, exotic makeup for your next event? Do you have makeup artists you can trust to make you look absolutely stunning? Whether you need carnival makeup, wedding makeup, or baby sower makeup, our makeup artists will give you a look that captures your unique facial features and make you feel like a million bucks. You have absolutely nothing to worry about once you sit in our makeup chairs.

And the confidence you gain from getting an enhanced makeup look is instantaneous. Take advantage of Face Candy Studio convenient makeup service, and step out at your most important event – flawless.

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See how amazing it is to get your carnival makeup done

by a Face Candy Studio makeup artist



Do you need more information before you book your makeup appointment? Great. You have questions. We have answers. Get to know Face Candy Studio – who we are, what we do, our philosophy, our customers  or contact us at any time.


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Why a

Makeup Artist?

Of course, you can always buy your own makeup and do it yourself. But why, when you can get a professional to make you look like a celebrity in a fraction of the time.

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What do 

Customers Think?

Women love us. While they love our energy and the vibes we create on site, they are mostly pleased when they look in the mirror and their ideal beauty look becomes a reality.

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Where are the


For carnival makeup, you will be provided a designated location where you could receive makeup service, alongside other masqueraders, from a team of makeup artists.

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How to

Book Now?

For your convenience, you can book your makeup appointment completely online. Simply go to the Carnival 2015 page, select your carnival city, then click on the pink button.

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